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Risk Management

‘…events dear boy, events…’


In any organisation, there is always the potential for things to go wrong - sometimes things actually do go wrong.  We can help you reduce the probability and impact of undesirable events by enabling you identify, assess and manage your strategic, regulatory and operational risks.   Quite simply, we will increase your chances of success and reduce the likelihood of failure.


‘…we see a clear business strategy as the launchpad for continued success…’ 


We can help you develop a best practice approach to strategic planning through the formulation of key performance indicators and specific, measurable business objectives.  We can also show you how core values and a corporate social responsibility policy can give texture to your business strategy and bring you closer to your customers.

People Development

‘…great people make great organisations…’


Inspirational leadership and employee capability are key ingredients in any successful organisation.  We can help you to design and develop a state of the art people management strategy that will provide the pathway to success.  We can also offer a comprehensive suite of training & development programmes that are designed to equip your employees with high levels of knowledge and skills.

Quality Systems

‘…to be the best you need to aspire to be the best…’


We can help you to achieve internationally recognised quality standards such as Lexcel, Investors in People and ISO 9001. More importantly, we can help you to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement whereby your employees instinctively strive to improve product quality, service, efficiency and profitability.

Welcome to Analytiqa

‘…we see ourselves as innovative, forward looking and dynamic…’

We are a firm of management consultants with a strong track record of delivering results for our clients.  We work across all business sectors throughout the UK and beyond.

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